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Exploiting the hierarchical morphology of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotube films for highly hydrophobic coatingsThis result set contains:

De Nicola, Francesco; Castrucci, Paola; Scarselli, Manuela; Nanni, Francesca; Cacciotti, Ilaria; et al.

Magnetic properties of self-organized Co dimer nanolines on Si/Ag(110)This result set contains:

Michez; Chen; Cheynis; Leroy; Ranguis; et al.

MWNT Surface Self-Assembling in Fire Retardant Polyethylene-Carbon nanotubes nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Bocchini, Sergio; Annibale, Emanuela; Frache, Alberto; Camino, Giovanni

Nanotechnology meets regenerative medicine: a new frontier?This result set contains:

Wong, Kenneth K.Y.; Liu, Xuelai

Nanotubes of Conducting Polyaniline and PolypyrroleThis result set contains:

Wan, Mei-Xiang; Huang, Kun; Zhang, Li-Juan; Zhang, Zhi-Ming; Wei, Zhi-Xiang; et al.

Plasmonic metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Yao, Kan; Liu, Yongmin

Real-time detection of chlorine gas using Ni/Si shell/core nanowiresThis result set contains:

Lee, Dong-Jin; Heo, Kwang; Lee, Hyungwoo; Jin, Joon-Hyung; Chang, Hochan; et al.

Self-Assembled Grapheme / Carbon Nanotube Fibers as Electrodes for Super CapacitorsThis result set contains:

Jia, Yun-Ming; Zhang, Mei; Li, Hong-Wei; Wang, Jian-Ming