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Investigation of localized and delocalized excitons in ZnO/ZnS core-shell heterostructured nanowiresThis result set contains:

Li, Ruxue; Wei, Zhipeng; Zhao, Fenghuan; Gao, Xian; Fang, Xuan; et al.

Nanostructured Ceramics: Ionic Transport and Electrochemical ActivityThis result set contains:

Prutsch, Denise; Breuer, Stefan; Uitz, Marlena; Bottke, Patrick; Langer, Julia; et al.

A novel method to fabricate CoFe2O4/SrFe12O19 composite ferrite nanofibers with enhanced exchange coupling effectThis result set contains:

Pan, Lining; Cao, Derang; Jing, Panpan; Wang, Jianbo; Liu, Qingfang

The Role of Ionic Liquids in Carbon Nanotube–Rubber CompositesThis result set contains:

Abraham, Jiji; Mariya, Hanna J.; Thomas, Sabu