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Characteristics of liposomes derived from egg yolkThis result set contains:

Kondratowicz, Anna ; Weiss, Marek ; Juzwa, Wojciech ; Majchrzycki, Łukasz ; Lewandowicz, Grażyna

Effect of aluminum nitride concentration on different physical properties of low density polyethylene based nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Sohail, Omer Bin; Bin-Dahman, Osamah A.; Rahaman, Mostafizur; Al-Harthi, Mamdouh A.

The Effect of Variable Viscosities on Micropolar Flow of Two NanofluidsThis result set contains:

Nadeem, S.; Ahmed, Z.; Saleem, S.

Effects of nano-SiO2 on mechanical and hygric behaviors of glass fiber reinforced epoxy compositesThis result set contains:

Yang, Jinshui; Wang, Chunqi; Zeng, Jingcheng; Jiang, Dazhi

Effects of surface grafting of copper nanoparticles on the tensile and bonding properties of flax fibersThis result set contains:

Sherief, Zajna; Xian, Guijun; Thomas, Sabu; Ajith, Anu

Flow and Heat Transfer in a Newtonian Nanoliquid due to a Curved Stretching SheetThis result set contains:

Siddheshwar, Pradeep Ganapathi; Nerolu, Meenakshi; Pažanin, Igor

Guiding and Accumulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles Employing High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Drug Targeting Applications This result set contains:

George, Benedikt; Fink, Michael; Lyer, Stefan; Alexiou, Christoph; Ermert, Helmut; et al.