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Characterization of inorganic nanostructured materials by electron microscopyThis result set contains:

Comparelli, Roberto; Fanizza, Elisabetta; Striccoli, Marinella; Curri, M. Lucia

Computer modeling of stationary particles transport in open cylindrical nanosystems by Monte Carlo methodThis result set contains:

Pletnev, Leonid; Gvozdev, Maxim; Samartsau, Kiryl

Highly-ordered silicon inverted nanocone arrays with broadband light antireflectanceThis result set contains:

Zhang, Dong; Ren, Weina; Zhu, Zhichao; Zhang, Haifeng; Liu, Bo; et al.

Hydrogen Evolution at a Single Supported Nanoparticle: A Kinetic ModelThis result set contains:

Eikerling, M.; Meier, J.; Stimming, U.

Quantum Mechanical Study of γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticle as a Nanocarrier for Anticancer Drug DeliveryThis result set contains:

Lari, Hadi; Morsali, Ali; Heravi, Mohammad Momen

Surfactant adsorption at interfacesThis result set contains:

Tadros, Tharwat F.

Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow and Convective Heat Transfer of a Fluid Particle Suspension with Nanoparticles over a Stretching SurfaceThis result set contains:

Prasannakumara, B. C.; Gireesha, B. J.; Krishnamurthy, M. R.; Gorla, Rama Subba Reddy