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Biomimetic synthesis of two different types of renewable cellulosic nanomaterials for scaffolding in tissue engineeringThis result set contains:

Pooyan, Parisa; Brewster, Luke P.; Tannenbaum, Rina; Garmestani, Hamid

Characterization of inorganic nanostructured materials by electron microscopyThis result set contains:

Comparelli, Roberto; Fanizza, Elisabetta; Striccoli, Marinella; Curri, M. Lucia

Convenient Method for Enhancing Hydrophobicity and Dispersibility of Starch Nanocrystals by Crosslinking Modification with Citric AcidThis result set contains:

Ren, Lili; Zhang, Yuchen; Wang, Qian; Zhou, Jiang; Tong, Jin; et al.

Effects of surface grafting of copper nanoparticles on the tensile and bonding properties of flax fibersThis result set contains:

Sherief, Zajna; Xian, Guijun; Thomas, Sabu; Ajith, Anu

Influence of surface chemical properties on the toxicity of engineered zinc oxide nanoparticles to embryonic zebrafishThis result set contains:

Zhou, Zitao; Son, Jino; Harper, Bryan; Zhou, Zheng; Harper, Stacey

Parameters influencing hydrophobization of paper by surface sizingThis result set contains:

Iselau, Frida; Malmborg-Nystr.m, Kerstin; Holmberg, Krister; Bordes, Romain

The Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of Refined Glasses with Inorganic Nano-moleculesThis result set contains:

Drajewicz, Marcin; Pytel, Maciej; Rokicki, Paweł; Góral, Marek