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Advances in carbon nanotube-noble metal catalyzed organic transformationsThis result set contains:

John, Jubi; Gravel, Edmond; Namboothiri, Irishi N.N.; Doris, Eric

Bioactive cellulose fibres with silver nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Kulpinski, Piotr

Fabrication of aluminum wires treated with nanocomposite pelletsThis result set contains:

Florián-Algarín, David; Padilla, Alexandra; López, Neshma N.; Suárez, Oscar Marcelo

The Importance of Safety for Manufacturing NanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Khan, W. S.; Asmatulu, R.

A metric-based approach to multiphase mean curvature flows with mobilities This result set contains:

Bretin, Elie; Danescu, Alexandre; Penuelas, José; Masnou, Simon

Preparation and properties of pulp fibers treated with zinc oxide nanoparticles by in situ chemosynthesisThis result set contains:

Li, Yalan; Zhang, Yangyang; Wanru, Dong; Yue, Jinquan; Xu, Min; et al.

Production of Silicon-based Nano-scale Materials Through High Temperature Reduction of Silica by TitaniumThis result set contains:

Terakado, Osamu; Nagata, Takeshi; Fujimoto, Yoshinori; Hirasawa, Masahiro

Selenium and tellurium nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Piacenza, Elena; Presentato, Alessandro; Zonaro, Emanuele; Lampis, Silvia; Vallini, Giovanni; et al.