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Klemperer Online

Tagebücher 1918–1959

[ Klemperer Online: Diaries, 1918–1959 ]

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Welcome to Klemperer Online!

The database makes available the complete and unabridged diaries of Victor Klemperer. The texts feature an extensive commentary and are fully indexed.

An editor´s choice of interesting, historically relevant articles are listed below. They are available for free.

  • 16.12.1918: Memories about life in Munich and Hans Meyerhoff
  • 08.05.1926: Dinner with Eva; letter from Edgar Kaufmann; thoughts about life in Spain and the Spanish language
  • 05.10.1927: Visit to Berlin; negotiations with De Gruyter and lectures given; Pillet; a spontaneous speech that day; dinner that included opponents Jordan and Rohlfs
  • 11.06.1942: Gestapo; news about the Cologne bombing; house search and a difficult living situation
  • 19.02.1945: Brief summary of events in February 1945; story about living in the wartime
  • 03.02.1946: Disappointment about published article; thoughts about cancer and getting a new permanent pass; sharing impressions about a movie; a description of the political situation in the Soviet Union part of Berlin; the KPD cultural conference and propaganda
  • 01.05.1957: Life under the rule of the Soviet Union; attitude towards the political situation; earlier meetings with Kahane, Peter, Inge, Weidauer and Grube; memories from the Weimar period

Discover with whom Klemperer was connected and who was on his academic and political agenda: