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Combination of inverted pyramidal nanovoid with silver nanoparticles to obtain further enhancement and its detection for ricinThis result set contains:

Wang, Meng; Wang, Bin; Wu, Shixuan; Guo, Tingke; Li, Haoyu; et al.

Purcell factor and local intensity enhancement in surface-enhanced Raman scatteringThis result set contains:

Maslovski, Stanislav I. ; Simovski, Constantin R.

Semiconductor-enhanced Raman scattering sensors via quasi-three-dimensional Au/Si/Au structuresThis result set contains:

Liu, Guiqiang ; Liu, Yi ; Tang, Li ; Liu, Xiaoshan ; Fu, Guolan ; et al.

Silent enhancement of SERS signal without increasing hot spot intensitiesThis result set contains:

Postaci, Selen; Yildiz, Bilge Can; Bek, Alpan; Tasgin, Mehmet Emre