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Nonlinear plasmonic imaging techniques and their biological applicationsThis result set contains:

Deka, Gitanjal; Sun, Chi-Kuang; Fujita, Katsumasa; Chu, Shi-Wei

Optical trapping in vivo: theory, practice, and applicationsThis result set contains:

Favre-Bulle, Itia A. ; Stilgoe, Alexander B. ; Scott, Ethan K. ; Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Halina

Optimization of the magnetic labeling of human neural stem cells and MRI visualization in the hemiparkinsonian rat brainThis result set contains:

Ramos-Gómez, Milagros; Seiz, Emma G; Martínez-Serrano, Alberto

Overview about the localization of nanoparticles in tissue and cellular context by different imaging techniquesThis result set contains:

Ostrowski, Anja; Nordmeyer; Boreham; Holzhausen; Mundhenk; et al.

An overview of current practice in external beam radiation oncology with consideration to potential benefits and challenges for nanotechnologyThis result set contains:

King, Raymond B.; McMahon, Stephen J.; Hyland, Wendy B.; Jain, Suneil; Butterworth, Karl T.; et al.

Performance evaluation of multi-junction solar cells by spatially resolved electroluminescence microscopyThis result set contains:

Kong, Lijing; Wu, Zhiming; Chen, Shanshan; Cao, Yiyan; Zhang, Yong; et al.

Porphysome nanoparticles: Tailoring treatments with nature’s pigmentsThis result set contains:

MacDonald, Thomas D.; Zheng, Gang

Principles and techniques of the quantum diamond microscopeThis result set contains:

Levine, Edlyn V. ; Turner, Matthew J. ; Kehayias, Pauli ; Hart, Connor A. ; Langellier, Nicholas ; et al.

Promising approaches in using magnetic nanoparticles in oncologyThis result set contains:

Mikhaylov, Georgy; Vasiljeva, Olga