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Nano Imaging Technologies: Polymer vesicles loaded with precipitated gadolinium nanoparticles: A novel target-specific contrast agent for magnetic resonance imagingThis result set contains:

Broz, Pavel; Ben-Haim, Nadav; Santini, Francesco; Marsch, Stephan; Scheffler, Klaus; et al.

Porphysome nanoparticles: Tailoring treatments with nature’s pigmentsThis result set contains:

MacDonald, Thomas D.; Zheng, Gang

Principles and techniques of the quantum diamond microscopeThis result set contains:

Levine, Edlyn V. ; Turner, Matthew J. ; Kehayias, Pauli ; Hart, Connor A. ; Langellier, Nicholas ; et al.

Promising approaches in using magnetic nanoparticles in oncologyThis result set contains:

Mikhaylov, Georgy; Vasiljeva, Olga

Radioiodine labeled CdSe/CdS quantum dots: Lectin targeted dual probesThis result set contains:

Akca, Ozlet; Unak, Perihan; Medinea, E. Ilker; Sakaryaa, Serhan; Kilcara, Ayfer Yurt; et al.

Recent advances in drug release monitoringThis result set contains:

Zheng, Fenfen ; Xiong, Weiwei ; Sun, Shasha ; Zhang, Penghui ; Zhu, Jun Jie

Sonographic Detection of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Employing Shear Waves This result set contains:

Fink, Michael; Lyer, Stefan; Alexiou, Christoph; Ermert, Helmut