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Blood cell changes in complement activation-related pseudoallergyThis result set contains:

Patkó, Zsófia; Szebeni, János

Membrane attack complex formation on a supported lipid bilayer: initial steps towards a CARPA predictor nanodeviceThis result set contains:

Yorulmaz, Saziye; Tabaei, Seyed R.; Kim, Myunghee; Seo, Jeongeun; Hunziker, Walter; et al.

Paradoxical rise of hemolytic complement in the blood of mice during zymosan- and liposome-induced CARPA: a pilot studyThis result set contains:

Mészáros, Tamás; Szénási, Gábor; Rosivall, László; Szebeni, János; Dézsi, László

Pulmonary intravascular macrophages: prime suspects as cellular mediators of porcine CARPAThis result set contains:

Csukás, Domokos; Urbanics, Rudolf; Wéber, György; Rosivall, László; Szebeni, János