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Morphology, structural properties and reducibility of size-selected CeO2− nanoparticle filmsThis result set contains:

Spadaro, Maria Chiara; D’Addato; Gasperi, Gabriele; Benedetti, Francesco; Luches, Paola; et al.

Nanocrystalline materials studied by powder diffraction line profile analysisThis result set contains:

Ungár, Tamás; Gubicza, Jenő

On orientation memory in high density polyethylene – carbon nanofibers compositesThis result set contains:

Chipara, Mircea; Jones, Brian; Chipara, Dorina M.; Li, Jianhua; Lozano, Karen; et al.

Optical and Geometric Properties of Free Silica Nanoparticles Studied by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering This result set contains:

Langer, Burkhard; Raschpichler, Christopher; Gruner, Mathias; Antonsson, Egill; Goroncy, Christian; et al.

Overview of nanoscale NEXAFS performed with soft X-ray microscopesThis result set contains:

Guttmann; Bittencourt

Probing nanoscale behavior of magnetic materials with soft X-ray spectromicroscopy This result set contains:

Fischer, Peter; Fadley, Charles S.

Production of Nanoscale Titanium Diboride PowdersThis result set contains:

Ramachandran, Muralidharan; Reddy, Ramana G.

Structural transformations in austenitic stainless steel induced by deuterium implantation: irradiation at 100 KThis result set contains:

Morozov, Oleksandr; Zhurba, Volodymyr; Neklyudov, Ivan; Mats, Oleksandr; Rud, Aleksandr; et al.