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Reconfigurable Graphene Circular Polarization Reflectarray/Transmitarray AntennaThis result set contains:

Li, Wen Tao; Sun, Shunlai; Qi, Nana; Shi, Xiaowei

A review of dielectric optical metasurfaces for wavefront controlThis result set contains:

Kamali, Seyedeh Mahsa; Arbabi, Ehsan; Arbabi, Amir; Faraon, Andrei

A review of gap-surface plasmon metasurfaces: fundamentals and applicationsThis result set contains:

Ding, Fei; Yang, Yuanqing; Deshpande, Rucha A.; Bozhevolnyi, Sergey I.

Role of nanophotonics in the birth of seismic megastructuresThis result set contains:

Brûlé, Stéphane ; Enoch, Stefan ; Guenneau, Sébastien

Role of the substrate in monolithic AlGaAs nonlinear nanoantennasThis result set contains:

Gili, Valerio Flavio; Carletti, Luca; Chouchane, Fares; Wang, Guillaume; Ricolleau, Christian; et al.

Selected Applications of Planar Tunable MetamaterialsThis result set contains:

Damm, Christian; Schüßler, Martin; Jakoby, Rolf

Self-assembled plasmonic metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Mühlig, Stefan; Cunningham, Alastair; Dintinger, José; Scharf, Toralf; Bürgi, Thomas; et al.

Sharp phase variations from the plasmon mode causing the Rabi-analogue splittingThis result set contains:

Wang, Yujia; Sun, Chengwei; Gan, Fengyuan; Li, Hongyun; Gong, Qihuang; et al.

Simultaneous TE and TM designer surface plasmon supported by bianisotropic metamaterials with positive permittivity and permeabilityThis result set contains:

Xia, Lingbo ; Yang, Biao ; Guo, Qinghua ; Gao, Wenlong ; Liu, Hongchao ; et al.