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Photonic spin Hall effect in metasurfaces: a brief reviewThis result set contains:

Liu, Yachao; Ke, Yougang; Luo, Hailu; Wen, Shuangchun

Physics of the zero−n¯${\rm{zero}} - \bar n$ photonic gap: fundamentals and latest developments This result set contains:

Zhou, Lei; Song, Zhengyong; Huang, Xueqin; Chan, C.T.

Plasma Fluid TheoryThis result set contains:


Plasma Kinetic TheoryThis result set contains:


Plasmonic metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Yao, Kan; Liu, Yongmin

Progresses in the practical metasurface for holography and lensThis result set contains:

Sung, Jangwoon ; Lee, Gun-Yeal ; Lee, Byoungho

Propagation length enhancement of surface plasmon polaritons in gold nano-/micro-waveguides by the interference with photonic modes in the surrounding active dielectricsThis result set contains:

Suárez, Isaac; Ferrando, Albert; Marques-Hueso, Jose; Díez, Antonio; Abargues, Rafael; et al.

Recent advances on optical vortex generationThis result set contains:

Wang, Xuewen; Nie, Zhongquan; Liang, Yao; Wang, Jian; Li, Tao; et al.

Reconfigurable epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces via photonic dopingThis result set contains:

Liberal, Iñigo; Li, Yue; Engheta, Nader