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Nanostructures induced light harvesting enhancement in organic photovoltaicsThis result set contains:

Bi, Yan-Gang; Feng, Jing; Ji, Jin-Hai; Yi, Fang-Shun; Li, Yun-Fei; et al.

New design of dual-band bandpass microwave filter based on electromagnetic effect of metamaterial resonators This result set contains:

Berka, Mohammed; Mahdjoub, Zoubir; Hebali, Mourad

Nonconventional metasurfaces: from non-Hermitian coupling, quantum interactions, to skin cloakThis result set contains:

Ren, Xuexin; Jha, Pankaj K.; Wang, Yuan; Zhang, Xiang

Nonlinear plasmonic imaging techniques and their biological applicationsThis result set contains:

Deka, Gitanjal; Sun, Chi-Kuang; Fujita, Katsumasa; Chu, Shi-Wei

Optical and Infrared Helical MetamaterialsThis result set contains:

Kaschke, Johannes; Wegener, Martin

Optical transmission theory for metal-insulator-metal periodic nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Blanchard-Dionne, Andre-Pierre; Meunier, Michel

Optical tuning and ultrafast dynamics of high-temperature superconducting terahertz metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Singh, Ranjan; Xiong, Jie; Azad, Abul K.; Yang, Hao; Trugman, Stuart A.; et al.

Periodic array-based substrates for surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Mayerhöfer, Thomas G.; Popp, Jürgen

Photonic crystal fiber metalensThis result set contains:

Yang, Jingyi ; Ghimire, Indra ; Wu, Pin Chieh ; Gurung, Sudip ; Arndt, Catherine ; et al.