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Low-loss, infrared and terahertz nanophotonics using surface phonon polaritonsThis result set contains:

Caldwell, Joshua D.; Lindsay, Lucas; Giannini, Vincenzo; Vurgaftman, Igor; Reinecke, Thomas L.; et al.

Macromodeling of Parabolic Double Negative Metamaterial AntennasThis result set contains:

Lubkowski, Grzegorz; Hirtenfelder, Franz; Bandlow, Bastian; Schuhmann, Rolf; Weiland, Thomas

Magnetic plasmon induced transparency in three-dimensional metamoleculesThis result set contains:

Wu, Pin Chieh; Chen, Wei Ting; Yang, Kuang-Yu; Hsiao, Chih Ting; Sun, Greg; et al.

Magneto-optical response in bimetallic metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Atmatzakis, Evangelos; Papasimakis, Nikitas; Fedotov, Vassili; Vienne, Guillaume; Zheludev, Nikolay I.

Material platforms for optical metasurfacesThis result set contains:

Choudhury, Sajid M.; Wang, Di; Chaudhuri, Krishnakali; DeVault, Clayton; Kildishev, Alexander V.; et al.

Mathematical FoundationsThis result set contains:


Maxwell’s EquationsThis result set contains:


A Metamaterial Inspired Compact Patch Antenna with Frequency Continuously Reconfigurable Performance for Cognitive RadioThis result set contains:

Shoujun, Zhao; Zuping, Qian; Guohong, Zhao; Xiaohong, Jiang; Dongqian, Lv

Metamaterial Loaded Waveguides for Miniaturized Filter ApplicationsThis result set contains:

Lubkowski, Grzegorz; Damm, Christian; Bandlow, Bastian; Schuhmann, Rolf; Schüßler, Martin; et al.