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Causal homogenization of metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Yoo, SeokJae ; Lee, Suyeon ; Choe, Jong-Ho ; Park, Q-Han

Cavity nonlinear optics with layered materialsThis result set contains:

Fryett, Taylor; Zhan, Alan; Majumdar, Arka

Controlling the phase of optical nonlinearity with plasmonic metasurfacesThis result set contains:

Chen, Shumei; Li, Guixin; Cheah, Kok Wai; Zentgraf, Thomas; Zhang, Shuang

Design and analysis with different substrate materials of a new metamaterial for satellite applicationsThis result set contains:

Islam, Sikder Sunbeam; Rahman, Md Atiqur; Faruque, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul

Design, concepts, and applications of electromagnetic metasurfacesThis result set contains:

Achouri, Karim; Caloz, Christophe

Dimerized high contrast gratingsThis result set contains:

Overvig, Adam C.; Shrestha, Sajan; Yu, Nanfang

Directional surface plasmon-coupled emission of tilted-tip enhanced spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Meng, Lingyan; Yang, Zhilin

Efficient forward second-harmonic generation from planar archimedean nanospirals This result set contains:

Davidson II, Roderick B.; Ziegler, Jed I.; Vargas, Guillermo; Avanesyan, Sergey M.; Gong, Yu; et al.