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Transformation plasmonicsThis result set contains:

Kadic, Muamer; Guenneau, Sébastien; Enoch, Stefan; Huidobro, Paloma A.; Martín-Moreno, Luis; et al.

Tunable atom-trapping based on a plasmonic chiral metamaterialThis result set contains:

Chen, Zhao ; Chen, Sai ; Wang, Yangyang ; Xiao, Lin

Vortex index identification and unidirectional propagation in Kagome photonic crystalsThis result set contains:

Deng, Wei-Min ; Chen, Xiao-Dong ; Chen, Wen-Jie ; Zhao, Fu-Li ; Dong, Jian-Wen

Wavefront manipulation by acoustic metasurfaces: from physics and applicationsThis result set contains:

Liang, Bin; Cheng, Jian-chun; Qiu, Cheng-Wei

Waveguide excitation and collection of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from a single plasmonic antennaThis result set contains:

Peyskens, Frédéric; Wuytens, Pieter; Raza, Ali; Van Dorpe, Pol; Baets, Roel

What is a good conductor for metamaterials or plasmonicsThis result set contains:

Soukoulis, Costas M.; Koschny, Thomas; Tassin, Philippe; Shen, Nian-Hai; Dastmalchi, Babak