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Active optical antennas driven by inelastic electron tunnelingThis result set contains:

Braun, Kai; Laible, Florian; Hauler, Otto; Wang, Xiao; Pan, Anlian; et al.

Causal homogenization of metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Yoo, SeokJae ; Lee, Suyeon ; Choe, Jong-Ho ; Park, Q-Han

Directional surface plasmon-coupled emission of tilted-tip enhanced spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Meng, Lingyan; Yang, Zhilin

FDTD Analysis of Chiral Metamaterials Slab by using the Auxiliary Differential Equation AlgorithmThis result set contains:

Wang, Mao Yan; Mu, Hui Feng; Chen, Wei; Zhao, Li; Xu, Jun

Highly doped semiconductor plasmonic nanoantenna arrays for polarization selective broadband surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy of vanillinThis result set contains:

Barho, Franziska B.; Gonzalez-Posada, Fernando; Milla, Maria-Jose; Bomers, Mario; Cerutti, Laurent; et al.

Macromodeling of Parabolic Double Negative Metamaterial AntennasThis result set contains:

Lubkowski, Grzegorz; Hirtenfelder, Franz; Bandlow, Bastian; Schuhmann, Rolf; Weiland, Thomas

Mie Series for Electromagnetic Scattering of a Conducting Sphere Coated with Chiral MetamaterialsThis result set contains:

Wang, Maoyan; Li, Hailong; Li, Guiping; Dong, Yuliang; Zheng, Hu

Periodic array-based substrates for surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Mayerhöfer, Thomas G.; Popp, Jürgen

Physics of the zero−n¯${\rm{zero}} - \bar n$ photonic gap: fundamentals and latest developments This result set contains:

Zhou, Lei; Song, Zhengyong; Huang, Xueqin; Chan, C.T.