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Broad-Band Substrate-Free Planar Metamaterial Lens Based on a Geometric Transformation of PolygonThis result set contains:

Pen, Tianyu; Huang, Bing; Sun, Hao; Sun, Xiaowei; Li, Lingyun

Fast fabrication of silver helical metamaterial with single-exposure femtosecond laser photoreductionThis result set contains:

Liu, Lipu ; Yang, Dong ; Wan, Weiping ; Yang, Hong ; Gong, Qihuang ; et al.

Gate-tunable metafilm absorber based on indium silicon oxideThis result set contains:

Zhao, Hongwei ; Zhang, Ran ; Chorsi, Hamid T. ; Britton, Wesley A. ; Chen, Yuyao ; et al.

Metamaterial Loaded Waveguides for Miniaturized Filter ApplicationsThis result set contains:

Lubkowski, Grzegorz; Damm, Christian; Bandlow, Bastian; Schuhmann, Rolf; Schüßler, Martin; et al.

Selected Applications of Planar Tunable MetamaterialsThis result set contains:

Damm, Christian; Schüßler, Martin; Jakoby, Rolf

Subwavelength Patch-Antennas Loaded with Metamaterials: A Simple Realisation of the Material and Improved PolarizationThis result set contains:

Shoujun, Zhao; Zuping, Qian; Peizhang, Wang; Yang, Xiang