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Gate-tunable metafilm absorber based on indium silicon oxideThis result set contains:

Zhao, Hongwei ; Zhang, Ran ; Chorsi, Hamid T. ; Britton, Wesley A. ; Chen, Yuyao ; et al.

Optical transmission theory for metal-insulator-metal periodic nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Blanchard-Dionne, Andre-Pierre; Meunier, Michel

Optical tuning and ultrafast dynamics of high-temperature superconducting terahertz metamaterialsThis result set contains:

Singh, Ranjan; Xiong, Jie; Azad, Abul K.; Yang, Hao; Trugman, Stuart A.; et al.

Template-Guided Self-Assembly of Discrete Optoplasmonic Molecules and Extended Optoplasmonic Arrays This result set contains:

Ahn, Wonmi; Hong, Yan; Boriskina, Svetlana V.; Zhao, Xin; Reinhard, Björn M.