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Behavior-Based Worker Safety for Engineered NanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Sayes, Christie M.; Burkleo, Patrick Van; Aquino, Grace V.

Current intellectual property issues in nanotechnology This result set contains:

K. Tullis, Terry

Ethics and Communication: The Essence of Human BehaviorThis result set contains:

Hanks, J. Craig; Hanks, Emily Kay

Functional catalysts for catalytic removal of formaldehyde from airThis result set contains:

Etim, Ubong Jerome; Zhong, Ziyi; Yan, Zifeng; Bai, Peng

Functional nano fillers in epoxy-dicyandiamide adhesives for prolonged shelf life and efficient cureThis result set contains:

Gaukler, Jan Christoph; Müller, Ulrich; Krüger, Jan Kristian; Possart, Wulff