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Correction: Carbon-based smart nanomaterials in biomedicine and neuroengineeringThis result set contains:

Monaco, Antonina; Giugliano, Michele

Influence of Joule Heating and Non-Linear Radiation on MHD 3D Dissipating Flow of Casson Nanofluid past a Non-Linear Stretching SheetThis result set contains:

Sreenivasulu, Pandikunta; Poornima, Tamalapakula; Reddy, Nandanoor Bhaskar

Nanomaterials in the Assembly of Electrochemical DNA SensorsThis result set contains:

Evtugyn, G.; Porfireva, A.; Budnikov, H.; Hianik, T.

Recent advances in nanoplasmonic biosensors: applications and lab-on-a-chip integrationThis result set contains:

Lopez, Gerardo A.; Estevez, M.-Carmen; Soler, Maria; Lechuga, Laura M.

Scalable, high performance, enzymatic cathodes based on nanoimprint lithographyThis result set contains:

Pankratov, Dmitry; Sundberg, Richard; Sotres, Javier; Suyatin, Dmitry; Maximov, Ivan; et al.

Strategic role of nanotechnology for production of bioethanol and biodieselThis result set contains:

Rai, Mahendra; dos Santos, Júlio César; Soler, Matheus Francisco; Franco Marcelino, Paulo Ricardo; Brumano, Larissa Pereira; et al.