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An Ingenious Super Light Trapping Surface Templated from Butterfly Wing ScalesThis result set contains:

Han, Zhiwu; Li, Bo; Mu, Zhengzhi; Yang, Meng; Niu, Shichao; et al.

Plasmonic nano-arrays for ultrasensitive bio-sensingThis result set contains:

Jiang, Jing; Wang, Xinhao; Li, Shuang; Ding, Fei; Li, Nantao; et al.

Scalable, high performance, enzymatic cathodes based on nanoimprint lithographyThis result set contains:

Pankratov, Dmitry; Sundberg, Richard; Sotres, Javier; Suyatin, Dmitry; Maximov, Ivan; et al.

Surface modification of Polydimethylsiloxane by hydrogels for microfluidic applications This result set contains:

Yang, Linxiao; Zhang, Zenghao; Athanasopulu, Kiriaki; Frey, Kerstin; Cui, Zhishan; et al.

Surface properties and biocompatibility of nanostructured TiO2 film deposited by RF magnetron sputteringThis result set contains:

Majeed, Asif; He, Jie; Jiao, Lingrui; Zhong, Xiaoxia; Sheng, Zhengming