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Advanced photocatalytic materials by nanocarbon hybrid materialsThis result set contains:

Centi, Gabriele; Perathoner, Siglinda

Applications of silver nanoparticles stabilized and/or immobilized by polymer matrixesThis result set contains:

Tylkowski, Bartosz; Trojanowska, Anna; Nowak, Martyna; Marciniak, Lukasz; Jastrzab, Renata

DNA and nanophotonics: original methodological approachThis result set contains:

Bregadze, Vasil G.; Giorgadze, Tamar G.; Melikishvili, Zaza G.

DNAzyme conjugated nanomaterials for biosensing applicationsThis result set contains:

Gong, Liang; Lv, Yi-Fan; Liang, Hao; Huan, Shuang-Yan; Zhang, Xiao-Bing; et al.

Functionalization of graphene using deep eutectic solventsThis result set contains:

Hayyan, Maan; Abo-Hamad, Ali; AlSaadi, Mohammed AbdulHakim; Hashim, Mohd Ali

A new conductometric biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized on chitosan and chitosan/gold nanoparticle filmsThis result set contains:

Valencia, Germán Ayala; de Oliveira Vercik, Luci Cristina; Vercik, Andrés

Pd nanoparticle-modified electrodes for nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide detectionThis result set contains:

Wang, Jue; Chen, Xue-jiao; Liao, Kai-ming; Wang, Guang-hou; Han, Min

Plasmonic gas and chemical sensingThis result set contains:

Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald; Liu, Na

Preparation and properties of plasmonic-excitonic nanoparticle assembliesThis result set contains:

Szychowski, Brian ; Pelton, Matthew ; Daniel, Marie-Christine