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Basics of magnetic nanoparticles for their application in the field of magnetic fluid hyperthermiaThis result set contains:

Mody, Vicky V.; Singh, Ajay; Wesley, Bevins

Clinical studies Diagnosing disease by nanomechanical olfactory sensors – system design and clinical validationThis result set contains:

Schmid, Daniel; Lang, Hanspeter; Marsch, Stephan; Gerber, Christoph; Hunziker, Patrick

Improved atomic force microscopy cantilever performance by partial reflective coatingThis result set contains:

Schumacher, Zeno; Miyahara, Yoichi; Aeschimann, Laure; Grütter, Peter

Optical Fiber Devices Based on Nanoscale Self-AssemblyThis result set contains:

Arregui, Francisco J.; Claus, Richard O.; Matias, Ignacio R.; Olza, Miguel; Luquin, Elena; et al.