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International Harmonization of Regulation of NanomedicineThis result set contains:

Marchant, Gary E.; Sylvester, Douglas J.; Abbott, Kenneth W.; Danforth, Tara Lynn

A landscape of nanomedicine innovations in IndiaThis result set contains:

Bhatia, Pooja; Vasaikar, Suhas; Wali, Anil

A multilevel governance framework for regulation of nanomedicine in IndiaThis result set contains:

Bhatia, Pooja; Chugh, Archana

The nanomedicine landscape of South AfricaThis result set contains:

Dube, Admire; Ebrahim, Naushaad

Nanotechnology and its medical applications: revisiting public policies from a regulatory perspective in AustraliaThis result set contains:

Solaiman, S.M.; Yamauchi, Yusuke; Kim, Jung Ho; Horvat, Joseph; Dou, Shi Xue; et al.