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Exploratory use of docetaxel loaded acid-prepared mesoporous spheres for the treatment of malignant melanomaThis result set contains:

Kaiser, Sameer; MacPherson, Maximilian B; James, Ted A; Emery, Albert; Spiess, Page; et al.

Nanoporous silica nanoparticles with spherical and anisotropic shape as fillers in dental composite materialsThis result set contains:

Timpe, Nico; Fullriede, Hendrik; Borchers, Lothar; Stiesch, Meike; Behrens, Peter; et al.

Ordered mesoporous silica: synthesis and applicationsThis result set contains:

Florek, J.; Guillet-Nicolas, R.; Kleitz, F.

Porous silicon for cancer therapy: from fundamental research to the clinicThis result set contains:

Tzur-Balter, Adi; Shtenberg, Giorgi; Segal, Ester

Stimuli responsive nanomaterials for controlled release applicationsThis result set contains:

Li, Song; Li, Wengang; Khashab, Niveen M.