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Graphene-Based Flexible and Transparent Tunable CapacitorsThis result set contains:

Man, Baoyuan; Xu, Shicai; Jiang, Shouzheng; Liu, Aihua; Gao, Shoubao; et al.

Nanomeniscus-induced delivery of liquid solutions for diverse nanofiber fabricationThis result set contains:

An, Sangmin; Kim, Bongsu; Kwon, Soyoung; Lee, Kunyoung; Kim, Jongwoo; et al.

Nanoporous silica nanoparticles with spherical and anisotropic shape as fillers in dental composite materialsThis result set contains:

Timpe, Nico; Fullriede, Hendrik; Borchers, Lothar; Stiesch, Meike; Behrens, Peter; et al.

Novel Lead-free biocompatible piezoelectric Hydroxyapatite (HA) – BCZT (Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3) nanocrystal composites for bone regenerationThis result set contains:

Manohar, Chelli Sai ; Kumar, B Siva ; Sadhu, Sai Pavan Prashanth ; Srimadh, Sai Krishna ; Muthukumar, V Sai ; et al.

Oxygen-plasma-modified biomimetic nanofibrous scaffolds for enhanced compatibility of cardiovascular implantsThis result set contains:

Pappa; Karagkiozaki, Varvara; Krol; Kassavetis, Spyros; Konstantinou, Dimitris; et al.

Rapid electrocapillary deformation of liquid metal with reversible shape retentionThis result set contains:

Gough, Ryan C; Morishita, Andy M; Dang, Jonathan H; Moorefield, Matthew R; Shiroma, Wayne A; et al.

Templated fabrication of hollow nanospheres with ‘windows’ of accurate size and tunable numberThis result set contains:

Xie, Duan; Hou, Yidong; Su, Yarong; Gao, Fuhua; Du, Jinglei

Transparent and flexible capacitors based on nanolaminate Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3 This result set contains:

Zhang, Guozhen; Wu, Hao; Chen, Chao; Wang, Ti; Yue, Jin; et al.

Visible Thrombolysis Acceleration of a Nanomachine Powered by Light-Driving F0F1-ATPase MotorThis result set contains:

Duan, Xiaoxia; Liu, Lifeng; Jiang, Weijian; Yue, Jiachang