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Carbon NanomembranesThis result set contains:

Angelova, Polina; Gölzhäuser, Armin

Conformal SiO2 coating of sub-100 nm diameter channels of polycarbonate etched ion-track channels by atomic layer depositionThis result set contains:

Sobel, Nicolas; Hess, Christian; Lukas, Manuela; Spende, Anne; Stühn, Bernd; et al.

Effect of grain size on thermal transport in post-annealed antimony telluride thin filmsThis result set contains:

Park, No-Won; Lee, Won-Yong; Hong, Ji-Eun; Park, Tae-Hyun; Yoon, Soon-Gil; et al.

Fabrication of mixed matrix poly(phenylene ether-ether sulfone)-based nanofiltration membrane modified by Fe3O4 nanoparticles for water desalinationThis result set contains:

Ansari, Saeed; Bagheripour, Ehsan; Moghadassi, Abdolreza; Hosseini, Sayed Mohsen

Microscale Thermal Energy Transfer Between Thin Films with Vacuum Gap at InterfaceThis result set contains:

Ali, Haider; Yilbas, Bekir Sami

Organic-inorganic materials containing nanoparticles of zirconium hydrophosphate for baromembrane separationThis result set contains:

Dzyazko, Yuliya S; Rozhdestvenskaya, Ludmila M; Zmievskii, Yu G; Vilenskii, Alexander I; Myronchuk, Valerii G; et al.

Thermal Energy Transport Across Combined Films: Thermal CharacteristicsThis result set contains:

Ali, Haider; Yilbas, Bekir S.

Thermally modulated biomolecule transport through nanoconfined channelsThis result set contains:

Liu, Lei; Zhu, Lizhong