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Influence of the local structure in phase-change materials on their dielectric permittivityThis result set contains:

Shportko, Kostiantyn V; Venger, Eugen F

Investigation of GaInAs strain reducing layer combined with InAs quantum dots embedded in Ga(In)As subcell of triple junction GaInP/Ga(In)As/Ge solar cellThis result set contains:

Li, Senlin; Bi, Jingfeng; Li, Mingyang; Yang, Meijia; Song, Minghui; et al.

Investigation of monolithic passively mode-locked quantum dot lasers with extremely low repetition frequencyThis result set contains:

Xu, Tianhong; Cao, Juncheng; Montrosset, Ivo

Light Trapping Enhancement in a Thin Film with 2D Conformal Periodic Hexagonal ArraysThis result set contains:

Yang, Xi; Zhou, Suqiong; Wang, Dan; He, Jian; Zhou, Jun; et al.

Novel 14-nm Scallop-Shaped FinFETs (S-FinFETs) on Bulk-Si SubstrateThis result set contains:

Xu, Weijia; Yin, Huaxiang; Ma, Xiaolong; Hong, Peizhen; Xu, Miao; et al.

Optical characterization of In-flushed InAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting a broadband spectrum with multiple peaks at ~1 μmThis result set contains:

Kitamura, Shigehiro; Senshu, Masaya; Katsuyama, Toshio; Hino, Yuji; Ozaki, Nobuhiko; et al.

Phase-change properties of GeSbTe thin films deposited by plasma-enchanced atomic layer depositonThis result set contains:

Song, Sannian; Yao, Dongning; Song, Zhitang; Gao, Lina; Zhang, Zhonghua; et al.

Study of parasitic resistance effects in nanowire and nanoribbon biosensorsThis result set contains:

Zeimpekis, Ioannis; Sun, Kai; Hu, Chunxiao; Thomas, Owain; de Planque, Maurits RR; et al.

Tunable light filtering by a Bragg mirror/heavily doped semiconducting nanocrystal compositeThis result set contains:

Kriegel, Ilka; Scotognella, Francesco