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Development of a novel nanoindentation technique by utilizing a dual-probe AFM systemThis result set contains:

Cinar, Eyup; Sahin, Ferat; Yablon, Dalia

Jatropha seed oil derived poly(esteramide-urethane)/ fumed silica nanocomposite coatings for corrosion protectionThis result set contains:

Alam, Manawwer ; Alandis, Naser M ; Ahmad, Naushad ; Alam, Mohammad Asif ; Sharmin, Eram

Modification of pristine nanoclay and its application in wood-plastic compositeThis result set contains:

Yadav, Sumit Manohar; Yusoh, Kamal Bin

Nano and microstructures of SEBS/PP/wax blend membranes: SAXS and WAXS analysesThis result set contains:

Polat, Kinyas; Orujalipoor, Ilghar; İde, Semra; Şen, Murat

Nanoprocessing of layered crystalline materials by atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Miyake, Shojiro; Wang, Mei

Oxygen-plasma-modified biomimetic nanofibrous scaffolds for enhanced compatibility of cardiovascular implantsThis result set contains:

Pappa; Karagkiozaki, Varvara; Krol; Kassavetis, Spyros; Konstantinou, Dimitris; et al.

Templated fabrication of hollow nanospheres with ‘windows’ of accurate size and tunable numberThis result set contains:

Xie, Duan; Hou, Yidong; Su, Yarong; Gao, Fuhua; Du, Jinglei