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Application of helium ion microscopy to nanostructured polymer materialsThis result set contains:

Bliznyuk, Valery N.; LaJeunesse, Dennis; Boseman, Adam

Characterization of the pore structure of nanoporous activated carbons produced from wood wasteThis result set contains:

Dobele, Galina; Vervikishko, Darya; Volperts, Aleksandrs; Bogdanovich, Nikolay; Shkolnikov, Evgeny

Electrochemical nanobiosensors and protein detectionThis result set contains:

Zamuner, Martina; Pozzi Mucelli, Stefano; Tormen, Massimo; Stanta, Giorgio; Ugo, Paolo

Fabrication and Characterization of Monodisperse Magnetic Porous Nickel Microspheres as Novel CatalystsThis result set contains:

Teng, Chao; He, Jie; Zhu, Lili; Ren, Lianbing; Chen, Jiwei; et al.

Furfuralcohol Co-Polymerized Urea Formaldehyde Resin-derived N-Doped Microporous Carbon for CO2 CaptureThis result set contains:

Liu, Zhen; Yang, Yi; Du, Zhenyu; Xing, Wei; Komarneni, Sridhar; et al.

Micropatterned freestanding magnetron sputtered Mg-alloy scaffoldsThis result set contains:

Haffner, David; Zamponi, Christiane; de Miranda, Rodrigo Lima; Quandt, Eckhard