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Characterization of Electrodeposited NiCo Films with Incorporated Ferrite (BaFe 12 O 19 ) Nano-ParticlesThis result set contains:

Cojocaru, Paula; Pahari, Sougata; Magagnin, Luca; Dietrich, Dagmar; Liebig, Andreas; et al.

Detection of unamplified HCV RNA in serum using a novel two metallic nanoparticle platformThis result set contains:

Shawky, Sherif M.; Guirgis, Bassem S.; Azzazy, Hassan M.E.

Diffusion of Hydrogen in Nanocrystalline Fe 90 Zr 10 This result set contains:

Hirscher, M.; Zimmer, S.; Kronmüller, H.

Dual-imaging model of SQUID biosusceptometry for locating tumors targeted using magnetic nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Chieh, Jen-Jie; Huang, Kai-Wen; Lee, Yi-Yan; Wei, Wen-Chun

Electrodeposition of Fe-based Magnetic Alloy NanowiresThis result set contains:

Schlörb, Heike; Uhlemann, Margitta; Haehnel, Veronika; Iselt, Diana; Gebert, Annett

Fabrication and Characterization of Monodisperse Magnetic Porous Nickel Microspheres as Novel CatalystsThis result set contains:

Teng, Chao; He, Jie; Zhu, Lili; Ren, Lianbing; Chen, Jiwei; et al.

Fabrication and magnetic testing of a poly-L-lactide biocomposite incorporating magnetite nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Shen, Li-Kuo; Fan, Kang-Hsin; Wu, Ting-Lin; Huang, Haw-Ming; Leung, Ting-Kai; et al.

Layer-by-layer self-assembly for controlled magnetic multilayer thin film fabricationThis result set contains:

Luo, Jin; Wang, Yanhua; Ren, Rong; Sun, Weilin; Shen, Zhiquan

Magnetic and electric properties of stoichiometric BiMnO3 thin filmsThis result set contains:

Lee, Bo Wha; Yoo, Pil Sun; Nam, Vu Binh; Toreh, Kirstie Raquel Natalia; Jung, Chang Uk

Magnetic In Ga1 - N nanowires at room temperature using Cu dopant and annealingThis result set contains:

Park, Youn Ho; Ha, Ryong; Park, Tea-Eon; Kim, Sung Wook; Seo, Dongjea; et al.