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The application of scanning near field optical imaging to the study of human sperm morphologyThis result set contains:

Andolfi, Laura; Trevisan, Elisa; Troian, Barbara; Prato, Stefano; Boscolo, Rita; et al.

Bacterial cellulose This result set contains:

Dufresne, Alain

Catalytic performance of Ag, Au and Ag-Au nanoparticles synthesized by lichen extractThis result set contains:

Çıplak, Zafer; Gökalp, Ceren; Getiren, Bengü; Yıldız, Atila; Yıldız, Nuray

Cellulose and potential reinforcementThis result set contains:

Dufresne, Alain

Chitosan nanoparticles based nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapyThis result set contains:

Chen, Pu-Guang; Huang, Zhi-Hua; Sun, Zhan-Yi; Gao, Yue; Liu, Yan-Fang; et al.

DNA–melamine hybrid molecules: from self-assembly to nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Kumari, Rina; Banerjee; Bhowmick, Anil; Das, Prolay

Elaboration of targeted nanodelivery systems based on colloidal polyelectrolyte complexes (PEC) of chitosan (CH)-dextran sulphate (DS)This result set contains:

Polexe, Ramona C.; Terrat, Céline; Verrier, Bernard; Cuvillier, Armelle; Champier, Gaël; et al.

Green synthesis and stabilization of earthworm-like gold nanostructure and quasi-spherical shape using Caesalpinia sappan Linn. extractThis result set contains:

Chartarrayawadee, Widsanusan; Too, Chee O.; Ross, Sukunya; Ross, Gareth M.; Jumpatong, Kanlaya; et al.