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Axially connected nanowire core-shell p-n junctions: a composite structure for high-efficiency solar cellsThis result set contains:

Wang, Sijia; Yan, Xin; Zhang, Xia; Li, Junshuai; Ren, Xiaomin

Bi-Assisted CdTe/CdS Hierarchical Nanostructure Growth for Photoconductive Applications This result set contains:

Heo, Kwang; Lee, Hyungwoo; Jian, Jikang; Lee, Dong-Jin; Park, Yongju; et al.

In2O3 Nanotower Hydrogen Gas Sensors Based on Both Schottky Junction and Thermoelectronic EmissionThis result set contains:

Zheng, Zhao Qiang; Zhu, Lian Feng; Wang, Bing

MaterialsThis result set contains:

Rabus, Dominik G.

Nanocarbons for field emission devicesThis result set contains:

Robertson, John

Novel Polarization Splitter Based on Highly Birefringent Dual-core Photonic Crystal Fibers with Hollow Ring DefectsThis result set contains:

Li, Jianhua; Wang, Rong; Wang, Jingyuan; Zhang, Baofu; Xu, Zhiyong