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The Antibacterial Activity of Ta-doped ZnO NanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Guo, Bing-Lei; Han, Ping; Guo, Li-Chuan; Cao, Yan-Qiang; Li, Ai-Dong; et al.

Biocompatibility of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications This result set contains:

Matschegewski, Claudia; Kowalski, Anja; Müller, Knut; Teller, Henrik; Großmann, Swen; et al.

Composites of silica with immobilized cholinesterase incorporated into polymeric shellThis result set contains:

Payentko, Victoriya; Matkovsky, Alexander; Matrunchik, Yulia

Effect of Nano Zeolite on the Transformation of Cadmium Speciation and Its Uptake by Tobacco in Cadmium-contaminated SoilThis result set contains:

Hu, Qiulong; Zeng, Wei-ai; Li, Fan; Huang, Yanning; Gu, Songsong; et al.

Hormonal and organ-specific dysfunction induced by the interaction between titanium dioxide nanoparticles and salicylic acid in male miceThis result set contains:

El-Shenawy, Nahla S.; Al-Harbi, Mohammad S.; Al hamayani, Fatimah F.E.

Nanomaterial-based BiosensorsThis result set contains:


An overview of the synthesis of CuO-ZnO nanocomposite for environmental and other applicationsThis result set contains:

Das, Susmita; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra

Photocatalytic Iron Oxide Micro-Swimmers for Environmental RemediationThis result set contains:

Richard, Cynthia; Simmchen, Juliane; Eychmüller, Alexander

Surface properties and biocompatibility of nanostructured TiO2 film deposited by RF magnetron sputteringThis result set contains:

Majeed, Asif; He, Jie; Jiao, Lingrui; Zhong, Xiaoxia; Sheng, Zhengming