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Biosafety and Antibacterial Ability of Graphene and Graphene Oxide In Vitro and In VivoThis result set contains:

Pang, Long; Dai, Chunqiu; Bi, Long; Guo, Zhongshang; Fan, Junjun

Enhancing lithium–sulphur battery performance by copper oxide@graphene oxide nanocomposite-modified cathodeThis result set contains:

Seyyedin, Seyyed Taher; Sovizi, Mohammad Reza; Yaftian, Mohammad Reza

Interactions of graphene and graphene oxide with proteins and peptidesThis result set contains:

Zhang, Yan; Wu, Congyu; Guo, Shouwu; Zhang, Jingyan

Multifunctional graphene oxide for bioimaging: emphasis on biological researchThis result set contains:

Hwang, Do Won; Hong, Byung Hee; Lee, Dong Soo

A sensitive ultraviolet light photodiode based on graphene-on-zinc oxide Schottky junctionThis result set contains:

Zhang, Teng-Fei; Wu, Guo-An; Wang, Jiu-Zhen; Yu, Yong-Qiang; Zhang, Deng-Yue; et al.