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The effect of nanoparticle size on the probability to cross the blood-brain barrier: an in-vitro endothelial cell modelThis result set contains:

Shilo, Malka; Sharon, Anat; Baranes, Koby; Motiei, Menachem; Lellouche, Jean-Paul M; et al.

Fabrication of mixed matrix poly(phenylene ether-ether sulfone)-based nanofiltration membrane modified by Fe3O4 nanoparticles for water desalinationThis result set contains:

Ansari, Saeed; Bagheripour, Ehsan; Moghadassi, Abdolreza; Hosseini, Sayed Mohsen

Iodine-125-labeled cRGD-gold nanoparticles as tumor-targeted radiosensitizer and imaging agentThis result set contains:

Su, Ning; Dang, Yajie; Liang, Guangli; Liu, Guizhi

Rational design of gold nanocarrier for the delivery of JAG-1 peptideThis result set contains:

Matea, Cristian T; Mocan, Teodora; Tabaran, Flaviu; Iancu, Cornel; Mocan, Lucian-Constantin

Reduction of breakdown threshold by metal nanoparticle seeding in a DC microdischargeThis result set contains:

Sawyer, Jordan; Abboud, Jacques; Zhang, Zhili; Adams, Steven F

Topological plasmonic edge states in a planar array of metallic nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Honari-Latifpour, Mostafa ; Yousefi, Leila