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Active molecular plasmonics: tuning surface plasmon resonances by exploiting molecular dimensions This result set contains:

Chen, Kai; Leong, Eunice Sok Ping; Rukavina, Michael; Nagao, Tadaaki; Liu, Yan Jun; et al.

Effects of Ru and Ag cap layers on microstructure and magnetic properties of FePt ultrathin filmsThis result set contains:

Liu, Mingfeng; Jin, Tianli; Hao, Liang; Cao, Jiangwei; Wang, Ying; et al.

Exploring plasmonic coupling in hole-cap arraysThis result set contains:

Schmidt, Thomas; Frederiksen, Maj; Bochenkov, Vladimir; Sutherland, Duncan

Fullerene adsorption on intermetallic compounds of increasing structural complexityThis result set contains:

Ledieu, Julian; Gaudry, Émilie; Fournée, Vincent; Smerdon, J. A.; Diehl, Renee D.

The nanostructuring of surfaces and films using interference lithography and chalcogenide photoresistThis result set contains:

Dan’ko, Viktor; Indutnyi, Ivan; Myn’ko, Victor; Lukaniuk, Mariia; Shepeliavyi, Petro

Numerical experiments on evaporation and explosive boiling of ultra-thin liquid argon film on aluminum nanostructure substrateThis result set contains:

Wang, Weidong; Zhang, Haiyan; Tian, Conghui; Meng, Xiaojie