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Carboxylic Acid Fullerene (C60) Derivatives Attenuated Neuroinflammatory Responses by Modulating Mitochondrial DynamicsThis result set contains:

Ye, Shefang; Zhou, Tong; Cheng, Keman; Chen, Mingliang; Wang, Yange; et al.

Effect of single-walled carbon nanotubes on tumor cells viability and formation of multicellular tumor spheroidsThis result set contains:

Yakymchuk, Olena M; Perepelytsina, Olena M; Dobrydnev, Alexey V; Sydorenko, Mychailo V

Formation of dimers of light noble atoms under encapsulation within fullerene’s voidsThis result set contains:

Nikolaienko, Tymofii Yu; Kryachko, Eugene S

Fullerene adsorption on intermetallic compounds of increasing structural complexityThis result set contains:

Ledieu, Julian; Gaudry, Émilie; Fournée, Vincent; Smerdon, J. A.; Diehl, Renee D.

Fulleropeptide esters as potential self-assembled antioxidantsThis result set contains:

Bjelaković; Kop; Đorđević; Milić

Magnetic Carbon Microspheres as a Reusable Adsorbent for Sulfonamide Removal from WaterThis result set contains:

Dai, Kewei; Wang, Fenghe; Jiang, Wei; Chen, Yajun; Mao, Jing; et al.

Metal phthalocyanine: fullerene composite nanotubes via templating method for enhanced propertiesThis result set contains:

Ahmad Makinudin, Abdullah Haaziq; Fakir, Muhamad Saipul; Supangat, Azzuliani

Nanoprocessing of layered crystalline materials by atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Miyake, Shojiro; Wang, Mei

Seed/Catalyst-Free Growth of Gallium-Based Compound Materials on Graphene on Insulator by Electrochemical Deposition at Room TemperatureThis result set contains:

Rashiddy Wong, Freddawati; Ahmed Ali, Amgad; Yasui, Kanji; Hashim, Abdul Manaf