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Additive manufacturing of photosensitive hydrogels for tissue engineering applicationsThis result set contains:

Qin, Xiao-Hua; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr; Stampfl, Jürgen; Liska, Robert

Application of avidin-biotin technology to improve cell adhesion on nanofibrous matricesThis result set contains:

Pan, Jian-feng; Liu, Ning-hua; Shu, Lin-yuan; Sun, Hui

Application of helium ion microscopy to nanostructured polymer materialsThis result set contains:

Bliznyuk, Valery N.; LaJeunesse, Dennis; Boseman, Adam

D-glucose catalytic oxidation over palladium nanoparticles introduced in the hypercrosslinked polystyrene matrixThis result set contains:

Doluda, Valentin Y.; Tsvetkova, Irina B.; Bykov, Alexey V.; Matveeva, Valentina G.; Sidorov, Alexander I.; et al.

Functional nano fillers in epoxy-dicyandiamide adhesives for prolonged shelf life and efficient cureThis result set contains:

Gaukler, Jan Christoph; Müller, Ulrich; Krüger, Jan Kristian; Possart, Wulff

Furfuralcohol Co-Polymerized Urea Formaldehyde Resin-derived N-Doped Microporous Carbon for CO2 CaptureThis result set contains:

Liu, Zhen; Yang, Yi; Du, Zhenyu; Xing, Wei; Komarneni, Sridhar; et al.

Nafion-layered silicate nanocomposite membrane for fuel cell applicationThis result set contains:

Thomassin, Jean-Michel; Pagnoulle, Christophe; Bizzari, Didier; Caldarella, Giuseppe; Germain, Albert; et al.

Nanoporous thin films and porous inorganic substrates for lipid bilayer support materialsThis result set contains:

Baker, Shenda M.; Kolthammer, W. Stephen; Tan, Johannes B.; Smith, Gregory S.

Polymeric advanced delivery systems for antineoplasic drugs: doxorubicin and 5-fluorouracilThis result set contains:

Villarreal-Gómez, Luis Jesús; Serrano-Medina, Aracely; José Torres-Martínez, Erick; Lizeth Perez-González, Graciela; Manuel Cornejo-Bravo, José