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Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics of Thin-film Transistors Fabricated with Solution-Processed Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube NetworksThis result set contains:

Cai, Le; Zhang, Suoming; Miao, Jinshui; Wei, Qinqin; Wang, Chuan

Colorings of single-wall carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

Loyola, Mark L.; De Las Peñas, Ma. Louise Antonette N.; S. J., Antonio M. Basilio

Electrical response of liquid crystal cells doped with multi-walled carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

García-García, Amanda; Vergaz, Ricardo; Algorri, José; Quintana, Xabier; Otón, José

Field Emission Characteristics of the Structure of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube BundlesThis result set contains:

Lin, Pao-Hung; Sie, Cong-Lin; Chen, Ching-An; Chang, Hsuan-Chen; Shih, Yi-Ting; et al.

Gene expression profile of human lung epithelial cells chronically exposed to single-walled carbon nanotubesThis result set contains:

Chen, Dongquan; Stueckle, Todd A; Luanpitpong, Sudjit; Rojanasakul, Yon; Lu, Yongju; et al.

Influence of the incorporation of different chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes in polyurethane resin applied on aluminumThis result set contains:

Gobbi, Gabriela ; Rossa Beltrami, Lilian Vanessa ; Zattera, Ademir José

Low-cost formation of bulk and localized polymer-derived carbon nanodomains from polydimethylsiloxaneThis result set contains:

Alcántara; Cerda Zorrilla, Mariana; Cabriales, Lucia; Rossano; Hautefeuille, Mathieu

Mechanical properties of carbyne: experiment and simulationsThis result set contains:

Kotrechko, Sergiy; Mikhailovskij, Igor; Mazilova, Tatjana; Sadanov, Evgenij; Timoshevskii, Andrei; et al.

Preparation and Transport Performances of High-Density, Aligned Carbon Nanotube MembranesThis result set contains:

Zhang, Lei; Zhao, Bin; Jiang, Chuan; Yang, Junhe; Zheng, Guangping