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In2O3 Nanotower Hydrogen Gas Sensors Based on Both Schottky Junction and Thermoelectronic EmissionThis result set contains:

Zheng, Zhao Qiang; Zhu, Lian Feng; Wang, Bing

Nanocarbons for field emission devicesThis result set contains:

Robertson, John

Pt- and Pd-decorated MWCNTs for vapour and gas detection at room temperatureThis result set contains:

Baccar, Hamdi; Thamri, Atef; Clément, Pierrick; Llobet, Eduard; Abdelghani, Adnane

Study of parasitic resistance effects in nanowire and nanoribbon biosensorsThis result set contains:

Zeimpekis, Ioannis; Sun, Kai; Hu, Chunxiao; Thomas, Owain; de Planque, Maurits RR; et al.

Synthesis and electrochemical applications of nitrogen-doped carbon nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Majeed, Saadat; Zhao, Jianming; Zhang, Ling; Anjum, Saima; Liu, Zhongyuan; et al.