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Advanced materials for biomedical applicationsThis result set contains:

Mantovani, D.; Levesque, L.; Sabbatier, G.; Leroy, M.; Seifu, D. G.

Biological targeting with nanoparticles: state of the artThis result set contains:

Kozlova, Diana; Epple, Matthias

A contemporary review on – polymer stereocomplexes and its biomedical applicationThis result set contains:

Saravanan, Muthupandian; Domb, Abraham J.

Elaboration of targeted nanodelivery systems based on colloidal polyelectrolyte complexes (PEC) of chitosan (CH)-dextran sulphate (DS)This result set contains:

Polexe, Ramona C.; Terrat, Céline; Verrier, Bernard; Cuvillier, Armelle; Champier, Gaël; et al.

HIV-specific immunotherapy with DermaVir, the first pDNA/PEIm pathogen-like nanomedicineThis result set contains:

Lisziewicz, Julianna; Lőrincz, Orsolya

In vitro ovicidal activity of poly lactic acid curcumin-nisin co-entrapped nanoparticle against Fasciola spp. eggs and its reproductive toxicityThis result set contains:

Oyeyemi, Oyetunde; Adegbeyeni, Odunayo; Oyeyemi, Ifeoluwa; Meena, Jairam; Panda, Amulya

Liposomal corticosteroid as targeted antiinflammatory nanomedicineThis result set contains:

Van Tomme, Sophie R.; Metselaar, Josbert M.; Schiffelers, Raymond M.; Storm, Gert

Nano Imaging Technologies: Polymer vesicles loaded with precipitated gadolinium nanoparticles: A novel target-specific contrast agent for magnetic resonance imagingThis result set contains:

Broz, Pavel; Ben-Haim, Nadav; Santini, Francesco; Marsch, Stephan; Scheffler, Klaus; et al.

Nanoemulsions: increasing possibilities in drug deliveryThis result set contains:

Sutradhar, Kumar Bishwajit; Amin, Md. Lutful