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Current intellectual property issues in nanotechnology This result set contains:

K. Tullis, Terry

Development highlights of micro-nano technologies in the MENA region and pathways for initiatives to support and networkThis result set contains:

Al-Rawashdeh, Ma’moun; Alfeeli, Bassam; Rawashdeh, Abdel Monem; Hessel, Volker

Exploration of the evolution of nanotechnology from a patent co-classification perspectiveThis result set contains:

Wang, An-Pang; Hou, Chen-En; Hung, Shiu-Wan

Intellectual property protection strategies for nanotechnologyThis result set contains:

Zhang, Yuanjia; Sulfab, Maisoun; Fernandez, Dennis

Introducing time delay in the evolution of new technology: the case study of nanotechnologyThis result set contains:

Georgalis, Evangelos E.; Aifantis, Elias C.